New season, new storyline, (potential) new enemy and now new costumes.

The male cast members of ‘Arrow‘ are set to get a slight makeover for the fourth season.

The announcement was made at this year’s Comic-Con, when Stephen Amell stepped out on stage sporting an all new superhero costume.


Ditching the faux leather and fabric hoodie, the vigilante will now protect the streets of Starling City wearing all leather.

Unlike the former gear, the newly designed outfit features shoulder padding and elbow-length gloves – leaving a portion of Amell’s arms exposed (ladies 😉).

Oh, and just incase the citizens of Starling City can’t identify the superhero in his new outfit, an arrow has been stitched to one side of the new hoodie.


In line with the new outfit, Amell confirmed the hero will finally adopt the name ‘Green Arrow’ in the fourth season.

Also getting a makeover for the new episodes is Queen’s side-kick, Diggle.

Diggle's outfit Arrow

Although the character won’t become a full superhero anytime soon, actor David Ramsey did confirm Diggle will receive his own specialised helmet and costume.

What do you think of Queen & Diggle’s new looks?


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