We’re officially ready for October to come around after seeing these new promo images of ‘The Walking Dead‘ season six.

AMC released the images via Twitter this week, as a pre-teaser to the trailer, which is expected to drop at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con.

The three images feature Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Danai Gurira (Michonne) and Lennie James (Morgan Jones).

Each character stars in their own poster and shows them separated from Walkers by a single door.

The Walking Dead Rick

Not only do the promos represent the thin line between the living and the dead, but they also indicate that Morgan will appear as a regular in the forthcoming season.

For those that can’t remember, Rick met Morgan and his son in the first episode – he having trouble letting go of his wife who had succumbed to the Walker infection.

The Walking Dead season six Michonne

Although Rick urged Morgan to join him in the search for his own family, the father opted to stay behind with his son and deceased wife.

We didn’t see him again until season three when Rick returned to King County. His appearance was brief.

The Walking Dead season six poster Morgan

Morgan again returned to the show in the last few episodes of season five in search of the series frontrunner.

It was in the final minutes of the season five finale that Rick and Morgan came face-to-face again, but it was definitely not the reunion Morgan was expecting.

‘The Walking Dead’ will return in October.

Are you glad Morgan is returning to the show?

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