What will ‘Magic Mike’ star Channing Tatum do to go from Tampa’s sexiest male exotic dancer to a New Orleans-raised card throwing mutant?

He’ll search and search until he finds the right accent to imitate.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Tatum said he’s started preparing for his role as Marvel’s Gambit from costume, movement and voice.

So far, the 35-year-old actor has been working with a magician to learn the art of throwing playing cards.

gambit header

But soon he’ll start searching for someone with the right accent to model.

Tatum explained that he doesn’t want to go into the movie with just a generic Cajun accent.

“I’m from the south, so I know who to go to to find the accent,” he explained.

“I haven’t found the guy yet, because generally, that’s how I do accents.”


Gambit will be the third X-Men character to receive a spin-off – the others being Wolverine and Deadpool, which will be out in February next year with Ryan Reynolds in the red and black leather suit.

Channing’s flick will be released in October 2016, a few months after ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

We can’t wait for all three!

Do you think Tatum has what it takes to be the best Gambit?

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