Another week, another crazy and ever so confusing episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Is it just us or was season six’s episode five ‘She’s No Angel’ a little all over the place?

*Spoilers up ahead*

We finally have a confirmation on the sex of A (allegedly) – the person in the black hoodie that moves as fast as a vampire appears to have breasts so therefore Aria has determined that A must be female.

Spencer and Hannah almost found a dead body – man that was so good, until it turned out to be a ‘resusci Annie’.

Oh and how could we forget… Ali has a boyyyyyyfriend!

But they’re not the only things that surprised us this episode.

Here are 10 things that made us say ‘WHAT THE F’:

*Note: some of these pics are from old episodes*

10. Spencer’s dream. OMG Maddie from Dance Moms – what the?

9. This Sarah chick, why is she still on the show – what the?

8. Uh why isn’t Leslie happy her friend is alive? – what the?
Pretty Little Liars

7. That random Clark guy taking sneaky pics of Aria – what the?

6. Caleb suddenly being the best person for legal paperwork – what the?

5. Caleb has a web design company? – since when?

4. Did Spencer just leave her hash brownies with a recovering drug addict? – what the?

3. Mermaid with a harpoon tattoo – what the actual F?

2. Leslie shared a room with Bethany? – what the?

1. A’s Aria wig – lol it’s kinda cute but what the?

Did anything during tonight’s episode make you say ‘what the’?

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