The actual movie premiere may not have been the coolest (we weren’t there so can’t say for sure), but did you see the red carpet?

Celebrities from T.I. to Judy Greer and Evangeline Lily walked the world’s most famous rug at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood today to celebrate the latest Marvel superhero to take on the big screen.

That’s right, the highly anticipated ‘Ant-Man’ starring the gorgeous Paul Rudd (remember Josh from ‘Clueless’? Is my age starting to show?) has finally premiered in the U.S. – 16 days before it hits Australian cinemas (doh!).

But aside from the long list of celebrities, the red carpet featured a special rotating platform, which filmed celebrities and turned them into super cool vines.

There’s this one of Michael Douglas showing off his dance moves:

Or this one of Cory Stoll looking sexy AF:

Meanwhile, Rudd who not only starred in the movie but was also part of the writing team, said he enjoyed playing Ant-Man, particularly because of the helmet.

He said it reminded him of the star troopers’ helmets, which he was fascinated with as a young boy.

“The whole suit, and I’m biased, but the whole suit is the best looking suit,” he said.

‘Ant-Man’ is out in Australian cinemas on 16 July and we can’t wait!

Get a sneak peek of the movie in the clip below:

Are you excited for ‘Ant-Man’?

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