Best news we’ve heard all day (it’s about 6.00am right now but what could top this).

The fun (and sometimes scary) fantasy series ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ will return in the U.S. on 1 October for 18 episodes.

Hashtag – can’t wait!

When we left the show last season, we saw Abbie replace Crane as the ‘out-of-time’ character, with her journey back to the 1700s.

Details of how the plot will move forward from the events of the finale are still sketchy, but we definitely expect a little emotional turmoil – hello Crane did kill his wife.

Then there’s the departure of Orlando Jones aka Captain Frank Irving, which was revealed in May. And filming has moved from North Carolina to Georgia, indicating a new direction for the series.

Plus with Katrina and Henry out of the way we imagine the series will be less about Crane’s personal drama (although that didn’t really bother us) and more end of days.

Bring it on.

On a scale of Moloch to Crane how excited are you for season three? 

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