Warner Bros is said to be bringing the emerald hero back to the big screen with not one, but a few Green Lanterns. 

What does that mean?

Collider is reporting that the new film, which could be out in five years, is likely to feature at least two or even three of the Earth-born members of the Green Lantern Corps.

They would be Hal Jordan – the first and well known Green Lantern; Guy Gardner – the second to receive the Green Lantern ring; and John Stewart – who was selected after Gardner suffered head injuries.

It’s all speculation for the moment.

However, if it’s true we imagine it would be completely separate to the ‘Green Lantern’ film staring Ryan Reynolds.

Released in 2011, the film is believed to have under performed, having earned $219.9m in the box office – $19.9m more than the budget (sounds successful to us).

Are you keen for a new Green Lantern flick? 

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