The team at Marvel just don’t sit still anymore. 

Three weeks out from the release of Ant-Man, the movie studio has named Tom Holland as  Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in the ‘Next Spider-Man Adventure’.

Holland was selected after a full worldwide search and a year after the last Spidey movie was released.

The name of the instant star was a little unfamiliar to us, so we did a little digging to see what we could find out about Marvel’s newest addition.

Tom Holland is your next Spider-Man.
Tom Holland is your next Spider-Man.

Here’s the bio:

Holland was born Thomas Stanley Holland.

He is 19 years old but he could easily pass for 15, making him ideal for the role of the young hero.

Born and raised in the UK, he trained as an actor at the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology, which has a number of famous graduates including Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis.

Posts on his Instagram account suggest that Holland likes to dance and he’s pretty good at it.


Now for his acting resume.

Well, according to Marvel, Holland starred in 2012’s ‘The Impossible’ and ‘Wolf Hall’.

He’s also a part of the upcoming ‘In the Heart of Sea’.

We’re impressed!

Sony Pictures’ Group Chairman, Tom Rothman described Holland as ‘special’.

“For Spidey himself, we saw many terrific young actors, but Tom’s screen tests were special,” he said.

“All in all, we are off to a roaring start.”

Meanwhile, Marvel has also selected Jon Watts – the man behind upcoming thriller ‘Cop Car’ – to direct the flick, which is scheduled for release mid-2017.

What do you think of Marvel’s next Spider-Man? 


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