Oh Pretty Little Liars, what a love/hate relationship I have with you.

*SPOILERS AHEAD* you’ve been warned.

Episode four in the sixth season aired in the US overnight and we kind of wish we’d listened to the title – ‘Don’t Look Now’.

Unfortunately, a series that started off as a fun and sometimes scary mystery turned into ‘hurry up and just finish this s#$t’ a couple of seasons ago when we thought we’d figured out who A was only to find it wasn’t around 100 times.

But I digress because as much as it frustrates me, PLL is my cylinder of Pringles – once I popped, I couldn’t stop.

It’s so fantastically annoying!

The latest episode confirmed a few things many fans have suspected for a while – Charles is indeed Ali’s older brother and he is dead.

Spencer made one profound observation (also something fans have considered) – ‘A must be someone Charles knew at Radley’.

I had like 100 thoughts this episode (most sarcastic) but I culled it down to 13 that I expect will cross your mind too:

13. He’s dead – I TOTALLY CALLED IT!

12. Oh my gosh it’s Caleb. Does he look buffer than usual? But what’s up with his hair? Is he wearing a wig?

11. Did Emily and her mum adopt this chick? Why is she still around?

10. Wish I woke up looking like that.

9. Shredded! Why would they shred medical files? This is making less and less sense every week.

8. No Aria don’t tell Spencer you threw your drugs in the bin she’ll totally try and… oh my gosh she’s actually going through her trash WTH.

7. I really like Hannah’s jacket. I wonder what brand that is…

6. A tracker, really Caleb? You just crossed into stage five stalker. You’re officially worse than A… kind of.

5. Why would you go into a dark room when you know someone is trying to kill you? Oh, hello Clark 😉

4. Uhhhh, is Hannah actually going to dig up the grave? Oh okay she is. Smart!

3.”A must be someone Charles knew at Radley” – FINALLY, Spencer uses her brain.

2.Uhhhh, why do I feel like Hannah is about to… No! No! No! What does she mean she needs space? What’s going to happen to Haleb?

1. Ali you may not want to know more but I do!

What thoughts crossed your mind during the episode?


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