The music industry can move ‘to the left, to the left’ because Beyoncé could be looking at replacing the microphone with a superhero costume.

Entertainment giant, Marvel is reportedly keen on adding the multi-Grammy winner to the cast of the next Avengers movie.

The rumour comes from an unnamed executive at Disney who allegedly told the Daily Star that the movie studio would love to have her as a ‘newcomer to the screen’.

“We would love to have Beyoncé on board, almost certainly as a newcomer to the screen from Marvel’s existing catalogue of comic book characters,” the executive said.

The 33-year-old artist is loved around the world for her time in pop threesome Destiny’s Child and now as a solo artist.

She’s no stranger to the big screen, having starred in a number of movies including 2006’s ‘Dreamgirls’, 2008’s ‘Cadillac Records’ and 2009’s ‘Obsessed’.

We personally think recruiting the much-loved singer is Marvel’s attempt at winning the ‘biggest opening weekend’ title back from ‘Jurassic World’.

If the rumours are true, which Marvel character do you think she should play?

I just hope they don’t make her Captain America’s love interest – I can’t compete with that!

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