There’s officially less than a month until Channing Tatum and his crew of sexy mofos take the stage for the ultimate strip show.

‘Magic Mike XXL’ follows Tatum’s character, Mike, three years after he left his stripping gig for a career and love.

Now, his remaining ‘Kings of Tampa’ friends are also ready to throw in the towel, but they’re dragging him along for one last hurrah.

Tatum returns as Mike along with his boys Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello (get me a towel), Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez and Gabriel Iglesias.

The cast also features some new blood, including Donald Glover aka rapper Childish Gambino who we’re hoping also gets his shirt off for the sequel.

Set for release in Australia on 9 July, we thought we’d get you ready for the big day with a list of five reasons we’ll be watching ‘Magic Mike XXL’.

(WARNING: If you’re not an appreciator of the toned torso we highly recommend clicking the ‘next post’ button above.)

5. I’ll be the Barbie to his Ken

4. Hola Adam
magic mike dance scenes

3. Is this even legal?

2. I wonder if Sofia is open to sharing?
EXCLUSIVE: ET On Set with 'Magic Mike XXL': 'It's a Stripper Odyssey'

Because wow

1. Bring on 9 July
Magic Mike bodies gif

Seriously though, I’m ready for this movie.

Which torso, I mean actor, are you excited to see on the big screen?


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