There’s only 40 days until Australians can walk on over to the cinemas and catch Mr Holmes.

Although already out in the UK (the reviews are coming in hot – so jealous), Aussies will have to wait until 23 July to get their Sherlock fix.

According to what we’ve read so far, the movie follows Mr Sherlock Holmes of 221B Baker St and he has reopened an old case.

But this time the circumstances are completely different.


First off, he’s a 93-year-old man.

Secondly, Sherlock, one of the great minds of his time, is dealing with the fact that he’s losing his great noggin.

The movie sees the great detective walk down memory lane only to realise he’s left one case unsolved. And that case involves a beautiful woman.

As we journey down memory lane with Mr Holmes, we find out that John Watson (that’s Holmes’ partner in crime) had written down every case they had solved in a book. But one particular case had a false ending.

Cue dramatic music.

Staring as Mr Holmes is the great Sir Ian Mckellen aka the White Wizard from Lord of the Rings aka Magneto from X-Men.

The 76-year-old actor stars alongside Laura Linney, Frances de la Tou (for all of you Harry Potter fans), Nicholas Rowe (the original Sherlock Holmes) and more.

Are you planning a cinema trip to catch Mr Holmes?

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