Rumours are going around the comic grape vine that the big green indestructible monster could be joining the star-packed cast of ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

The third in the Captain America movie series already features pretty much every Avengers character, except Thor and the Hulk.

Marvel has already confirmed the Captain aka Chris Evans (oh Chris Evans) will be joined by Robert Downey Jr – Iron Man; Scarlette Johansson – Black Widow; Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye; and Anthony Mackie – The Falcon.

There’s also Chadwick Boseman stepping in as Black Panther; Sebastian Stan reprising his role as Bucky; Paul Rudd featuring as Ant-Man; Don Cheadle launching The Vision; and Elizabeth Olsen continuing on from her superhero debut in ‘The Avengers: The Age of Ultron’ as Scarlet Witch.

Wow (what a boys club)!

With so many big names recruited, rumours are getting around that the Hulk may also be part of the flick, but 47-year-old actor, Mark Ruffalo, says nothing has been confirmed.

“I haven’t seen a script, nobody’s told me and I don’t have dates,” he said.

“But I can only hope so”, when quizzed about his involvement.”

‘Captain America: Civil War’ is scheduled for release in April next year.

It follows on from ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ released in 2011 and ‘Captain America: The Winter Solider’ 2014.

Do you think there’s enough room for the Hulk?


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