It’s almost time for the weekend, which means one thing for Sydneysiders – Supanova!

Yep, three days of stars, shopping, cosplay shows and more!

To get us through the rest of the work week (can you believe it’s only Tuesday), we’ve put together a list of the seven things we must see & do.

7. The Sherlock store

An entire store of gifts and souvenirs from one of our favourite shows.

6. Cherami Leigh from Sailor Moon

This one is for the inner child.

5. Cosplay

It’s astounding the effort and money (oh the money) that goes into a single cosplay outfit.

Every Saturday at Supanova the event hosts Madman National Cosplay Championships, which sees some of the best performers take the stage for a chance to complete nationally.

4. The Spartacus men

Does this one really need an explanation?

3. Shopping!

Multi-complex shopping centres have nothing on the exhibitors at Supanova.

We love searching through handmade fan jewellery and original paintings and artwork.

2. Meeting other super fans

Supanova attendees are practically kin.

We get each others’ outfits, attitudes and obsessive fandom.

1. Pam from True Blood

THE number one reason we can’t wait for those doors to open this weekend.

Kristin Bauer van Straten is queen!

She played the incredible ‘don’t give a f#$k’ vampire Pam in True Blood and she did it oh so well.

We loved her so much on the show that she was the only reason we sat through the final season of the vampire series.

What are you looking forward to seeing and doing this weekend?

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