It’s hard to believe anyone could rock the ‘Human Torch’ quite like Chris Evans (seriously, did you catch that towel scene), but Marvel is ready to give it go.

The publishing and production giant released a TV trailer for the reboot of the Fantastic Four, featuring new actors, updated costumes and more explosions.

Titled ‘Fantastic Four: A New Generation of Heroes’, the movie is separate from 2005’s ‘Fantastic Four and ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’, which starred Jessica Alba in the role of The Invisible Woman and Chris Evans as the Human Torch.

Just as the title suggests, the new movie will be completely re-imagined from actors to storyline. For example, in 2005 we saw the family gain powers via cosmic rays, but in 2015 the awesome foursome will be a group of younger superheroes who receive their powers during an inter-dimensional travel experiment.

And while we here at Geeks Down Under (GDU) can’t wait to see how Marvel takes the team into the future, we’re definitely going to miss seeing Chris Evans playing the slightly ditzy, incredibly charming and oh so sexy Human Torch.

The movie will be in Australian theaters on 6 August. A sequel is scheduled to follow in 2017.

Are you ready for the next generation of heroes?


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