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A Marvel-themed Spartan Race is coming & the heroes may be there

Start lifting bro! You’ll need to be in superhero shape to complete the Marvel-themed Spartan Race.

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PAUSE V WARS: Australia made its first vampire mini-series & it’s very unique

Press pause on V Wars & check out Australia’s first locally-made vampire mini-series.


POWER OF COSPLAY: How I found my superpower dressing up like heroes

To those in the unknown, Cosplay is an extreme form of dress up, but that couldn’t be further from reality.

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NEKO NITE: Sydney pop culture event to host over 18s dress-up party with free sushi!

As if a dress-up over 18s pop culture after-party didn’t sound fun enough, it comes with free sushi!


Australia’s Captain Marvel & how she became our first female airline pilot

She’s nicknamed Australia’s Captain Marvel & it’s not because she could pass as the superhero’s twin.

The Daily Planet News

Spider-Man ride & Ant-Man food: Deets on Disneyland’s Avengers Campus

If your dreams are filled with heroic adventures across the galaxy, you’ll love this.