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Hated Suicide Squad? Good news, Birds of Prey will have no connection!

Birds of Prey will have little to no connection with Suicide Squad, that’s good news if you weren’t big on the latter.

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Warner Bros. Movie World: 7 reasons it’s every DC fan’s dream

Overlooking Warner Bros. Movie World is easy because it doesn’t seem as grand as its international counterparts. Obviously, Warner Bros. Movie World is not as large as Universal Studios, nor […]

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LITTLE MONSTERS: The hilarious Aussie zombie flick you didn’t know to watch

Stop acting like a slow zombie & download Little Monsters (legally) now.

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RESURRECT ANT-THONY: Ant-Man confirmed for a 3rd solo movie

It won’t be too long until Scott Lang is back in the Ant-Man suit. Although it won’t be too soon either.

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BOOOK! Original Hocus Pocus cast to return for a wicked sequel

Its been 25 years, maybe not right down to the day. But the Hocus Pocus witches are back & there’ll be hell to pay.

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Potterheads celebrated Halloween with a 2-course dinner at Hogwarts while you ate leftover treats on the couch

Tricks on you & treats on the lucky Harry Potter fans who had a wizarding two-course dinner at actual Hogwarts on Halloween.

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Harley Quinn’s bat & Wonder Woman’s Lasso are headed to Movie World

Don’t try to lie because Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is headed to Australia.